Natural beauty,
true to you.

At Salon de Lourdes, we know what it’s like to have a bad hair day. Our top priority is making you feel happy and confident with your straight, curly or wavy hair –  we find a style that complements your image, your personality and your lifestyle. We take our cues from your natural beauty for a look that’s uniquely true to you.

Our skilled and knowledgeable stylists will bring out your best self – from the moment you walk through our door until long after you leave the serenity of our salon. We don’t have apprentices, meaning a professional stylist or beauty expert handles each service you enjoy from start to finish.




We see the beauty of the natural world through safe, non-toxic, products for you and your family’s skin and hair.

We are the first salon in the area going green. We partner with Green Circle Salons recycling and repurposing hair, foils, color tubes, paper, plastic and left over color. We reduce our waste by 90%.

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