Corrective Herbal Facial Treatment­

Analyzing your skin’s unique needs, we custom blend the ingredients and treatments for each individual facial. Our skin therapies benefit every skin type, from oily and acne prone to ultra dry and aging skin. We also provide specialized treatments for teenagers, pregnant women, and people with conditions such as sun damage and rosacea. Your treatments will evolve as your skin improves with each corrective herbal treatment. Each facial includes, vacuum, extractions, acid or enzyme peels, exfoliation, treatment serum, nourishing masks, LED, massage, and more … Complete corrective herbal facial, for all skin types.

Cold Laser Facial

Our highly effective photo facial treatment uses an LED laser with infrared therapies in unique combination with Therapeutic Red Light and Magnetic Field Generation to firm and rejuvenate the face, minimizing wrinkles. This holistic treatment works with the body’s own natural processes to counteract the effects of aging. We suggest 6 once-a-week treatments for maximum results.

Crystal-Free Diamond Microdermabrasion Treatment

This treatment includes facial cleansing, diamond peel microdermabrasion (gentle suction lifts the skin into contact with a diamond tipped wand, which abrades and smoothes the skin as it glides over its surface), application of treatment serum customized for each clients specific needs, biolight treatment, nourishing masks penetrated with ultrasound, and a light facial massage with application of customized moisturizer and eye cream.

Intensive Rejuvenating Eye Treatment

This revitalizing treatment includes ultrasonic massage and galvanic penetration of a special blend of natural vitamins and proteins to nourish and improve the appearance of the eye area. After your service, you will notice your eyelids are firmed and toned; fine lines and dark circles are reduced.

Lip Treatment­

The most stubborn wrinkles to treat are around the lips. People who have never smoked still experience this problem and wonder why. Sometimes it is genetic, sometimes it is the way we move our mouth. We can help you with a special lip area treatment which includes microdermabrasion around the lips, ultrasonic massage and galvanic penetration of natural skin nutrients to produce more collagen (Esther C, Retinol Palmitate, Silk Amino Acids, etc). Five minutes of LED will stimulate the regenerative process around the lip area. You will see the results after your first treatment!

Crushed Amber Rejuvenating Facial

(especially beneficial for sun-damaged skin)

Rejuvenating Properties of Baltic Amber have been known for centuries. You will notice your skin being brighter and firmer after one treatment. Crushed amber scrub enriched with succinic acid, co-enzyme Q-10, a blend of natural vitamins, soy phospholipids, arnica, etc. is massaged into your skin and deeply penetrated with ultra-sound followed by reflexology massage performed over warm herbal compresses and an application of amber-firming protein mask with rejuvenating cold laser treatment.
A light massage will be performed with Elina, Natural, Transdermal, Bioenergized products customized for your skin. This procedure will be completed with an application of Elina Ambra-lift bioenergetic skin elixir.